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Outback Signs hit job number 123456 :)

We recieved this very cool email today and just wanted to share it with everyone - many thanks Brad! 

Hi John


Just a quick note to say hi and hope all is well in your world.  Any outback travels of late?


Today we processed a new order which happened to be job no. 12345 in our system. Despite being a really cool number, it highlights just how solid KIM has been given the sheer volume of data it has processed for us without incident over the past 8 years.


We are still as happy today with KIM as the day we installed it and just wanted to let you and the team know about it.


Thanks for creating such a terrific product.


Kind Regards

Brad Bell – Proprietor


Outback Signs

7 Carmen Place (Workshop at Rear)


Ph: 1300 064 249  Fax: 02 8362 9792



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