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Sign Sense


A solution designed for easy of use and innovative thinking
A new approach to the process of creative professionals tackling the demanding roles of managing the projects you like to design and make. We have listened to our clients, - signmakers, digital print houses, graphic designers and in fact from professional design studios to hardcore sign and branding manufacturers.

SignSense+ allows you to develop quick quotes, create job sheets, WIP reports & allows tracking of jobs all to make your life easier.

SignSense+ recognises that many of the biggest challenges in business today are managing information quickly, efficiently and effectively. Systemising and computerising your process flow from the initial enquiry, to quoting quickly is critical. Likewise, once the order is placed your ability to have a quality job sheet greatly improves communication & reduces production mistakes while aiming at increasing profit.

The SignSense+ sign quoting and business management software is designed by sign people and expert certified FileMaker developers to provide sign makers and digital printers an effective software product delivering professional sign estimates and quotes. Once you start you are just a few clicks convert all the collected data, photos, artwork files and any other details directly into your quoting information, professionalising how your customer see you. Then a couple of clicks after you receive the order you can print out detailed Job Sheets without any more work! . These job sheets can be simple one page which offer concise details of the job specifications and materials required. Tracking and process flow documents include work in progress reports, job work load reports displayed in individual areas right though to generating an invoice.

  • Low monthly rental cost
  • Ability to grow quickly by adding users with ease
  • Automated backup via our server weekly or a remote location like DropBox®
  • Fully tax deductible ( check with your accountant)
  • Always stay current and up-to-date*
  • Improve your quoting speed and accuracy
  • Systemise and streamline your business flow
  • Reduce quoting time turnaround, increase workshop productivity and get your life back.
  • Go mobile using remote devices - iPad, iPhone & FileMaker Go*
  • Greater management control at the office and remotely
  • Expandable management software from one to almost unlimited users
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