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KiM software allows you to capture your sales leads, develop quick and detailed quotes, create job sheets, WIP and production reports, allows tracking of jobs, time, costs and clients.  KiM aims to increase profitability throughout every process of your business. Enabling you to increase productivity, management control and potentially increase bottom line profits.  KiM is easy to use and operates across both Windows and Mac operating systems simultaneously.  As expandable management software, KiM will cater for single users to multi-site operations.

>> enVision Features

>> enVision Screen Shots

>> Sample enVision Training Videos for Evaluation

 enVision Features



  • Sales leads and CRM features
  • Organise priority of sales follow ups
  • Categorise hot, warm or cool leads
  • Track client relationships
  • Build clients respect via accurate profiling
  • Sales management and reports


  • Generate quotes quickly, simple and complex
  • Quotes, letters and reports
  • Manage all quoting activities efficiently
  • Every quote accessible across the network
  • Track quotes sent, lost and won
  • Add materials, contractors, resources and labour
  • Produce various job costing reports
  • Build single to multi level quotes and reports



  • Project and Job Sheets - Work In Progress reports supplied with 45 + detailed reports and lists
  • Schedule jobs, job lists and calculator
  • Work order register and reporting
  • Instantly know the job or projects status
  • KPI’s and costing reports
  • Sort by client, price, type, range, size and many
    more sort variables
  • Time keeping, consumable and cost tracking
  • Add artwork and electronic file sheets
  • Google maps linked to projects and jobs
  • Full search and find functionality
  • Categories: Jobs in Progress - Jobs Complete,
  • Ready to Invoice, plus many more


  • Add multi products to multi supplier links
  • Find and access all electronic and hard copy files
  • OH&S, MSDS and management reports
  • Track and categorise all materials, products, paperwork, artwork, files... anything!
  • Price lists, supplier lists and product lists
  • File management - locate anything anytime
  • Artwork register with full search and find function
  • Asset management and reporting

enVision Screen Shots

The following links are representative views on screenshots of the majority on KIM enVision screens.  Commonly called "General user interfaces" we present the images as galleries.  To view each 'set of screenshots' please click the button detailing the area you wish to view.

enVision Sample Training Videos

The videos below are a representative sample of our educational videos - there are at least 160+ online videos covering every field button on tab of the software.  Available to registered users.

enVision Educational Videos

Overview Videos

Kim Software overview videos offer users a snap shot of each section of the software, conducted as a narrated walk though.  When used in conjunction with specific action videos, the overview videos offer a general understanding while the specific task videos focus on the function and features related to the video description. i.e. Companies_Overview is best viewed to gain a quick walk through.  Versus Companies_List video which focuses directly on the functions of what the ‘list’ button offers.  Every video once opened has a title screen, then a detailed features screen.  When searching for any feature we use the hierarchy of:

1. Name of area of the software –( function or tab name) e.g. Companies
2. Followed by a more Specific Title e.g. Main
3. Often the Specific Title may be supported by an additional descriptor, which may be a function on that screen e.g. rating

Each of the functional areas of the Knowledge and Information Management web site offers users primary information on practical applications within each business section of the software.
A few helpful points to consider:

  • Utilise the various levels of skills.
  • Watch and learn at the right level to suit your skills
  • Start with Novice, then Intermediate, then work up to Advanced level

  • Admin | Advanced Defaults KPI Overview

    What you will be covering:  
    - Setting a percentage to adjust KPIs
    - Deleting and changing KPI settings
    - Viewing where in the software the rate applies
    - Traffic light indicators offer and overview
    - Experiment to suit your business
    Watch this KiM enVision Video

    Companies | Main Overview

    What you will be covering:
    - Adding text to fields
    - Auto-save as you move from fields
    - Hover over a field for tool tip
    - Auto populated contacts
    Watch this KiM enVision Video

    Help | Overview Video

    What you will be covering:  
    - Information regarding the use of the help area in
    the software. The video offers an overview rather than
    specifics to the use of each screen. See other videos of
    detailed screens and use of software.
    Watch this KiM enVision Video

    Projects | Overview Walk Through

    What you will be covering:  
    - Information regarding the workings of the projects area of

    KiM software to provide the user with a general understanding.

    - There are many videos on projects that deal with specific areas
    like screens, functions and buttons, whereas this offers a top
    level walk through, get a coffee and relax this overview is a
    a few minutes long.
    Watch this KiM enVision Video

    Resources | Actions Overview

    What you will be covering:  

    - Actions from this screen are largely driven by your

    request from other areas of the software, like adding

    a resource to a Project or Purchase Order
    Watch this KiM enVision Video